Upcoming Events


20.Fea.18 Book Club
20.Fea.18 The Limerick Spring: Speaker's Corner UL
21.Fea.18 Sociology seminar: Alterophobia & Alterophobic Bullying & Violence Sociology
21.Fea.18 Guest Lecture: The Changed Role of Arrest in Irish Criminal Law Law
21.Fea.18 PPA seminar: Mobilizing for the Arab Spring Politics & Public Administration
21.Fea.18 Public lecture: “Trans*: Visualizing the Gender Variant Body” Culture & Communication
21.Fea.18 Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies Film & Lecture Series 2018 Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies
21.Fea.18 Towards Compliance with UNCRPD - The Role of Criminal Justice Professionals Centre for Crime, Justice and Victim Studies
22.Fea.18 The Limerick Spring: LULITMI - A new country, a new beginning! Politics & Public Administration
22.Fea.18 UL Postgraduate Study Open Evening Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
22.Fea.18 The Limerick Spring: An audience with Vincent Browne Culture & Communication
28.Fea.18 PPA seminar: Adrina Preda Politics & Public Administration
28.Fea.18 Limericker Literaturgespräche: Gabrielle Alioth Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
01.Már.18 A Conversation with Dean Strang Law
07.Már.18 Sociology seminar: Financialisation, inequality and the right to housing in post-crisis Ireland Sociology
07.Már.18 PPA seminar: Taxation policy and the Irish State Politics & Public Administration
08.Már.18 A Conversation with Dean Strang: An Exclusive Seminar for Transition Year Students Law
12.Már.18 Vulnerable Adults and the Law: Evening Seminar with Dean Strang Law
14.Már.18 PPA seminar: The Absence of Tamil Voices in Their Stories of War Politics & Public Administration
14.Már.18 CEMs seminar: Dr Jane Grogan (UCD) History
21.Már.18 PPA seminar: The development of political parties in Germany Politics & Public Administration
21.Már.18 Limericker Literaturgespräche: Anna Weidenholzer Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
22.Már.18 Lecture: The Law of Bruce Springsteen Law
04.Aib.18 PPA seminar: housing bubbles and the financial resource curse in Spain and Ireland Politics & Public Administration
06.Aib.18 Limericker Literaturgespräche: Dmitrij Kapitelman Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
11.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: Disability and the relational geographies of un/safety Sociology
11.Aib.18 PPA seminar: Historical Legacies of Taxation in Ireland Politics & Public Administration
18.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: The Politics of Conceptualising Local Development Sociology
18.Aib.18 PPA seminar: Charalambos Tsardanidis Politics & Public Administration
25.Aib.18 Sociology seminar: Life inside foodbank Britain Sociology
01.Bealtaine.18 UL Creative Writing Literary Festival Culture & Communication
25.Bealtaine.18 Léann na Sionainne Culture & Communication